Closet Styling / Closet Visit : Brenda

Wednesday, I had the pleasure of spending the day in a very FUN closet! Here is a peek into the closet of Brenda from Ankeny…a wife & mother of two by night and a Director of Marketing extraordinaire by day.

The day started by evaluating her accessories!  Dressing from head to toe is important — and adding a layer of the unexpected is a way to channel the energy of fashion in that moment. Create excitement and tell a little story with it! Whether through earrings, necklaces, scarves, bracelets, rings or belts…the perfect combination of accessories can add the right layer to upgrade your look.

{ Donald Pliner Leopard Print Bag, Lisa Jackal Clutch from aimee, Vintage Bag, Black Sequin Bag from Von Maur, Red Leather Bag from aimee. } 

An important part of the reason we are there is to help remind you of those hidden treasures you already have in your closet! The pieces that you maybe haven’t pulled out for awhile, but to us these are MOST-WANTED little gems.  I can honestly say that Brenda’s little gems were very easy to find! ( She has a lot of them!)

{ Brenda pictured here in front of her living room windows wearing a Floral Print Maxi Dress with a draped ivory cardigan paired with her Lisa Jackal Shoes. ( Cardigan + Shoes from aimee )}

We reviewed this season’s trends and let me tell you….what she has in her closet could easily be featured in a magazine’s MUST-HAVE’s for Spring editorial! For example– Color, Print-Mixing & Floral are dynamite for this season and Brenda already had these things in her closet. We pulled them out and based on her style, we worked on outfits that could be functional for different events. How she can wear to work, wear for happy hour or wear for church….

{ aimee dress, vintage dress, tunic tops from Black Rain & Target. }

Before we organized Brenda’s closet, I looked through all her favorite pieces. Her “go-to” pieces….these are the items she can go to at any time and know she will look glamorous! We are a big advocate of this section and have that same section in our own closets!

{ All 3 pieces from aimee. }

I wanted to make sure Brenda felt good in her outfits as we were them putting together. Ultimately her personal style has to be captured in each look so that she WILL wear it and own it when she does. Considering she went to show her husband a good amount of the outfits, I think she was feeling beautiful! And that is another reason we are here : ) and the main reason we do what we do…..

{ Brenda pictured here in her Kitchen for a caffeine break! Wearing dark denim skinny jeans from Target, top from aimee and booties from Von Maur. }

As I was looking through Brenda’s closet to find those hidden treasures I came across this dress which was a gift from a good friend of hers. Now…Brenda was not sure how to wear this dress…but I was hands down SOLD on the edgyness and coolness (if you will) of this piece! In fact, I just finished reading about how bird prints are a huge statement for SPRING 2012!

{ Brenda pictured here in front of her dining room windows with her daughter Ava. }

One of our tasks for the day was pulling out some of her problem pieces — items that she loves, but just can’t find a way to wear. I love being able to take a dressy piece and make it casual or dressy, just perfect for any occasion!

{ Dress from Von Maur }

{ Brenda pictured here in her living room. }

And here is a picture of MY personal favorite items from Brenda’s Closet…

We worked a lot on mixing the unexpected. Fashion shouldn’t be black & white…there is a large rray area that can be filled, transformed and overall that is your area to add your personal style! Brenda loves her biker jacket and we focused on the right silhouettes for this jacket.

{ Brenda pictured here in the bar at her home in her favorite biker jacket…paired with a top she got at the East Village Bazaar and a skirt from aimee! Perfect to wear for a night out at the bar!}

In dressing for yourself you should always feel comfortable, but you should always look your best. So proportion is everything and that is something that we work on for you. The right pieces and outfits that will look best on your figure.


All in all we finished the day with over 30 outfits created from Brenda’s existing closet! And her list of what she needs was not too much at all! She was very pleased and thought I was going to tell her she needed much more! Here is her shopping list.

* Black Belt (Patent Leather)

*Nude Belt (Patent Leather)

*Black Sheer Hose

*Gray Tights

*Gold Jewelry

*Nude Slip

Lastly, here are the multiple bags that I hauled off to donate to the Bargain Basket Thrift Shop…..

Thank you Brenda, for letting us into your home to make things in your busy life a little easier every morning : )



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Drum roll please…..INTRODUCING: SHOES!

Yes, you heard it correctly. Aimee is excited to announce that this week our first styles of shoes will be arriving in store!
The shoes are Brazilian made and will be sold exclusively in Iowa through aimee! The styles are impactful, colorful, but most importantly great quality and COMFORTABLE! ( We all love a stylish but comfy heel!). These are just a FEW of the assortment of styles that will arrive bi-weekly. As soon as they leave the factory in Brazil…they are on their way here and we will be posting pictures of each shoe style as they arrive on our Facebook Page @

Starting this week we will have a style arriving once a week, make sure to stop in to check out this weeks styles!! We are really excited!

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A PERFECT DAY to make a VERY special introduction.

INTRODUCING : COSABELLA a family owned Italian lingerie line that is well known for their bright colors and Italian craftsmanship is now being carried exclusively in Iowa at aimée!!! We are very excited and wanted to share it with all of you first! The first styles have arrived! Come check them out!!

And if you don’t know about COSABELLA already, here are some great examples!

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We just had SOME fantastic accessory pieces arrive in store this week and it reminded us about the fabulous trends that are here for SPRING 2012!


MORE Arriving soon!

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PRE-FALL 2012 inspirations.

We were excited to see the silhouettes and colors for Pre-Fall 2012!

Here are some of the Pre-Fall Collections that have us inspired and ready to keep bringing beautiful clothing into this boutique!









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OF :

Trancoso, Brazil.

With the cold weather arrival, we can only dream and possibly plan out a perfect warm weather destination. This week we are inspired by Trancoso, Brazil. A gorgeous destination that everyone is talking about…. this remote stretch of coast is where Gisele and Diane Von Furstenburg vacation. Chic clubs and boutiques line the boho beachfront shacks.

After stumbling upon this amazing destination, we also were quickly inspired by the interior design of the boutique hotels and beachfront shacks and had to share! Beachfront dining + stunning sunsets = paradise!

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A great book is probably the single most inspiring thing you can have around you…if you are ever in need of a “little” inspiration, picking up a good book and flipping through the emotions that are captured on each page can easily ignite something inside of you.

For us, we are inspired everyday by the beautiful people that come into our boutique – but when we have some time to flip through some of our most treasured books we are inspired more to find and create beautiful things for those around us. Today, we want to share with you some of our favorite books that we have in our homes and at the store.

Enjoy! (Coffee table books also make great gifts!)

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